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SINOELE is a professional iPhone accessories supplier in China, its iPhone accessories supplying factory is located in Zhejiang province at the east of China. Purchasing Chinese iPhone accessories, follow the site map, it's easy to find the iPhone accessories supplier in China, welcome for your down visiting to learn more about this iPhone accessories supplier.

As an innovator and manufacturer of iPhone accessories, all SINOELE iPhone accessories are made of black piano colors or white piano colors surface finishing, the surface treatment is exactly the same like iPhone or iPad themselves, this kept the accessories the same surface combination with iPhone or iPad. SINOELE iPhone accessories surface hardness kept the all series iPhone accesssories the long lasting surface finishing.

As the one of the leading Chinese iphone accesssories manufacturer, SINOELE is developing so many new types of iPhone accessories such like universal iPhone series external battery which with the battery capacity 800mAh,1100mAh,1800mAh,2000mAh,3000mAh,4000mAh and 5200mAh, this series iPhone accessories has solved the iPhone no battery problems when you are in trip. This series iPhone accessories realized to charge your lovely iPhone in anytime and anywhere. We call it charging when in moving. The series of iPhone accessories with very portable size and shape, you can carry them in your pocket or your small handy bag, they will not occupy space of your handy bag. When your iPhone are in shortage of battery, you can just plug this external battery and continue your online talking.